Tencel is made from coniferous wood fiber and the solvent

Update:30 Aug 2018

 which is an English translation of TENCEL, is a man-ma […]

 which is an English translation of TENCEL, is a man-made cellulose fiber. The International Bureau of Man-made and Synthetic Fibers has named it Lyocell, and the Chinese name is Tencel. The molecules of Tencel fiber are closely packed and have high intermolecular force, and the fiber strength is about 20% larger than that of ordinary viscose fiber.
    Tencel is made from coniferous wood fiber and the solvent used is non-toxic, so the whole manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and the raw materials are abundant.

    Advantages: It has the "comfort of cotton, the "strength" of polyester polyester fabric , the "luxury beauty" of wool fabrics and the "unique touch" of silk and the "soft drape", which is extremely tough in dry or wet conditions. It has high hygroscopicity and bacteriostasis; it has good water-washing dimensional stability, and has a small water-washing rate. In the wet state, it is the first cellulose fiber with a wet strength far better than cotton.

    Disadvantages: Due to mechanical friction, the outer layer of the fiber will break and form a fur with a length of about 1~4 microns. Especially in the wet state, it is more likely to be produced. In severe cases, it will be entangled into cotton. In the hot and humid environment, the fabric will Slightly harder.

    1, natural materials: 100% natural biodegradable and certified by European PEFC and international PSC institutions pure natural wood pulp;

    2, production of natural: using pure physical process, 99.5% of the solution can be recycled and recycled;

    3, post-treatment natural: non-toxic, non-polluting booster treatment process, infants can also use with confidence.

    Three characteristics of Tencel:

    1. Fabric that will breathe: The nanofibril structure creates superior humidity control ability, completely absorbs moisture and releases moisture quickly. Tencel's water absorption capacity is twice that of cotton.

    2. Strong sense of naked sleep: The surface structure of Tencel is smoother and fuller than the surface of wool and cotton fiber. It is non-irritating to human skin and has excellent skin-friendly properties. At the same time, Tencel has no chemical additives to create healthy. Skin environment, more suitable for sensitive skin.

    3. Natural antibacterial fabric: Tencel has excellent moisture absorption speed and capacity, directly absorbs sweat into the fiber molecules, and the dry environment effectively reduces bacterial growth.polyester fabric