Stella McCartney in autumn and winter

Update:08 Sep 2018

Stella McCartney in autumn and winter, dark green nylon […]

Stella McCartney in autumn and winter, dark green nylon coat and pleated white wide-leg trousers, from the single style to the styling, conveys a very strong movement tone, the nylon of the coat and the transparent fabric of the wide-leg pants This concept is highlighted from the fabric. In the fall/winter 2017 Christian Dior, the black nylon material is embedded in the shape of the long trench coat. The black fabric itself is no longer dull due to the absorbance of the nylon fabric itself. In the fall/winter 2017 Michael Kors Collection, a wide-sleeved trench coat made of nylon, the up-sleeve sleeves highlight the new sleeve contours due to the fabric relationship. Come and see the fashion team's strongest matching routine wearing a nylon jacket in the winter!

       Caroline Daur is wearing a long green nylon coat on the street, featuring a burgundy zippered long-sleeve jacket with white lace-up sneakers, and a pair of black high-waisted ruffled trousers for breaking the overall sportswear. think.
       Veronika Heilbrunner appears in a Nike dark-green splicing long-sleeve jacket with a dark blue velvet high-waisted pencil skirt. The sleek shape of the jacket with sporty attributes is integrated into the fashion product, mixed with nylon and velvet, and finally black velvet bag. It is very clever with the black patent leather lace-up boots.
       Kendall Jenner is wearing an Adidas lemon yellow nylon jacket with a pair of see-through trousers, oversized sunglasses, and a textured nylon jacket that makes the dull fitness look extraordinarily energetic.
       The simple white color is the best choice with a splicing nylon jacket. The soft white T-shirt and the drape-encrusted sweatpants line the nylon jacket. The red and white striped sweater on the waist not only makes the whole body more color, but also plays a role in improving the waistline and highlighting the long legs.
        Hilda Sandstrom is out in Stockholm, and Hilda, a fashion editor, knows how to be fashionable in the details. The camel nylon jacket is matched with a metal chain bag of the same color, and the whole body is intellectually gentle.
        Fashion buyer Yesmin Sewell has always been keen on the masculine handsome dress, she chose a reflective glossy dark green nylon jacket, with fresh green small floral inside, mother man balance.
        Fashion blogger Erika Boldwin wore a matt dark green jacket with a blue striped shirt. Erika slid the shirt corner into the trousers, raising the waist and making the basic shirt more interesting.
        Argentina It Girl Sofia Sanchez is wearing a lemon-yellow jacket with a red Anya Hindmarch hand bag, and she likes to play boldly in the match.

The stylist Ada kokosar always has avant-garde styling, and she uses a stacking method to break the traditional nylon jacket. The loose and fat military green nylon jacket is matched with a fur coat and a blue shirt. Wearing a good look can be seen with Ada's matching skills.

If you like nylon material and don't worry about it, you can choose the cotton flying coat like the fashion blogger Georgia Tal. The nylon appearance makes the loose and heavy coat look lighter.

Vancouver's popular blogger Venessa Hong is wearing an umbrella-studded military-colored nylon flying jacket with dark green fur on his shoulders.

The nylon jacket is the most versatile in winter, and the simple gray sweater and wide-leg pants can create a simple and effortless fashion sense. The shoes and the same-colored hat add a handsome look to the whole body.